October 2, 2020

How To Make Summer Sausage Out Of Deer Meat


Summer sausage is typically made of beef and pork, or beef alone. The first one has the traditional taste where venison and pork are combined.

Homemade Moose Summer Sausage (With images) Summer sausage

You will want to use a coarse plate in the meat grinder to make the desired texture.

How to make summer sausage out of deer meat. Sprinkle with the curing mixture, mustard seed, garlic salt, pepper, and liquid smoke. This will help them to give the most flavor to the ground meat. Deer season is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited for opening day to finally get here.

Just make sure to let us know which ones you prefer. Vacuum sealing for storage is ideal, and you can freeze extra summer sausage as well. Most of the fresh fry sausages turn out the best with a fine to medium grind.

For that reason, it takes additional binding to keep it from getting soft during smoking so mixing your seasonings in, grinding it a third time and then stuffing and smoking can make a good product. We're going to break down the science behind flavoring and detail the spices we use. How to make homemade summer sausage:

These sausages also travel well, so they're the perfect snack to take along on your hunt this fall. Make a little test patty and cook it up in a sauté pan to be sure you got the seasonings right. In a large bowl, mix all ingredients with your hands.

Mix together your beef and seasonings, then cure the meat overnight. Adjust them if you didn’t. The ground meat is inoculated with a starter culture of good bacteria and then held at temperatures of around 85f at high humidity to promote the rapid growth of the good bacteria.

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The ratios of beef to pork vary from 75% beef and 25% pork to 25% beef and 75% pork. Take out, turn over and pierce foil several times with a fork. Summer sausage is often seen in delis, but you can easily make your own summer sausage at home!

Once the sausages are done, let them cool before wrapping them in plastic wrap. Unwrap and remove to rack to finish dripping. I have an alternative method for measuring the meat.).

Bake on a sprayed broiler rack over broiler pan at 325°f for 1 1/2 hour. Everything you need to make sausage 1. Make summer sausage with a proven family recipe passed down for generations.

How to make venison sausage in 5 easy steps. Some recipes make use of beef hearts as well. Soak a pan of apple wood chips for 20.

Mix well with your hands until the mixture is evenly blended and begins to stick together, about 2 minutes. Our meat grinder is an attachment for the kitchenaid stand mixer. A scale to weigh the meat (if you don’t have a scale that’s okay.

Cool the sausage completely before slicing. We have very limited kitchen space so the fewer gadgets we have the better. Supplies needed to make your summer sausage.

If you’ve been deer hunting for a number of years, you’ve likely had your fair share of venison summer sausage. When mixed well cover the bowl and place in refrigerator for at least a couple days to ferment. Keep the temperature of the meat as cold as possible (below 40 degrees f) during grinding and mixing.

Also, one thing to have in mind is to grind your spices before using. Smoke at 140 f for 1 hour, then at 160 f for one hour and then 180 f until internal temperature reaches 152 f (insert a food thermometer in the thickest part of the sausage to check internal temperature). Ingredients for traditional deer summer sausage.

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The next time you’re in the mood, break out the summer sausage, pour a cold one, and enjoy! Put the sausage meat into burger bags. Grind each type of meat, then mix the different meats together.

While the stuffed sausages are resting, soak a panful of applewood chips for 20 minutes. Place the venison in a large mixing bowl. If using frozen meat, first thaw in refrigerator.

For some different takes on seasoning blends, try some of the recipes below. It is time for you to choose between two variations of venison summer sausage. If baked, remove the rolls from the oven and let them rest.

Mix the fermento into the meat by hand or with a meat mixer. There are other recipes for this sausage that utilize a fermentation step to give the sausage a tangy flavor. Summer sausage is a large diameter product placed into a larger casing.

After fermentation on your deer meat summer sausage stuff your meat into a sausage stuffer. You don’t need a ton to make this sausage recipe, but you do need a few things to make life easier. Select only fresh, high quality meat and other ingredients (spice, cure, etc.).

You could use only 2 lbs of pork sausage and 7 lbs of ground venison. It was making summer sausage. How to make deer summer sausage?

For a lower sodium amount, you could lessen or omit the added salt. 15 lbs coarse ground venison Making summer and smoked sausage | umn extension us.

Using sausage stuffer fill collagen casings full and tie off the end. Then, using a sausage stuffer, stuff the sausage into the casings. When i married into my husband's family i learned they had a 75 year old tradition each thanksgiving.

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Meat grinder with sausage attachment (or a separate sausage stuffer) If boiled, remove and poke holes in the foil or plastic wrap to drain the water. Roll the cured beef into sausages, wrap the sausages in foil, and bake them.

Alternatively, wrap your mixture in plastic wrap and then with butcher paper, so it is airtight to freeze, then form into handmade patties at the time of use. In this article, we'll show you how we make an authentic and tangy venison summer sausage. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 3 days, mixing well each day.

Use a meat thermometer to make sure the finished product has reached 160 degrees before removing it from the smoker.

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