What Is A Good Hm Slave In Pokemon Fire Red

What Is A Good Hm Slave In Pokemon Fire Red. It can learn surf, strength, waterfall, and rock smash though. #pokemon #sentretcan you beat pokemon firered using only an hm slave?

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Kirbymuncher 9 years ago #4. The main difference is that crawdaunt learns cut, while ludicolo learns flash. Gyarados makes a good hm slave imo except it doesn't learn cut/fly.

A Corphish Can Actually Be Caught Quite Early In The Hoenn Region.

Best hm slave is definitely nidoran (and evolutions). 1) there are more hm moves than move slots. The only hoenn pokemon who might make a better hm mule than ludicolo is crawdaunt.

Bibarel Is The Easiest To Obtain, And It Can Learn Cut, Surf, Strength, Rock Smash, Waterfall, And Rock Climb.

Pretty much any water pokemon is fair game for surf, waterfall, dive, whirlpool. 2 ask the girl for the hm and she will give it to you. I would say the best hm slave in firered would be gyarados.

Gyarados Makes A Good Hm Slave Imo Except It Doesn't Learn Cut/Fly.

Charizard fly and venusaur gets cut. First, go to fuschia city (if you're not there already), now go to the house on the right of the pokèmon center. I use gyarados for strength, surf, and waterfall.

This Is My Favourite Hm Slave Because It Works Great In Conjunction With Almost Any Water Pokemon.

Cut, rock smash, strength, surf (yes). Gyarados can learn four out of the seven hm's in firered ( surf, rock smash, waterfall, and strength ). April 24th, 2008 at 4:48 pm.

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My source shows that a lot of people agree on four good hm users: Providing you keep your starter in everyline up and the starter is blastoise, then i'd give him/her surf. 2) no pokemon can learn them all anyway.

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